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Maoming yuan days aquatic frozen food Co., Ltd. is located in the southern suburbs of Gaozhou City, Gaozhou city and Maoming city in the golden section line, from Maoming City, Gaozhou City, Donggang, the new airport water, high water level of KM north-south, Luozhan railway, Shan Zhan freeway through the area, East three Maoming railway, the West even high Mao Road, north of 207 National Road, traffic is very convenient. After years of aquatic product processing experience, served as a fisheries company leader, led a group of experienced motivated young elite founded yuan day aquatic aquatic. The main processing and sales: non Luo fish, tilapia, two to the freeze, chin. Since the establishment of the company. With a wealth of experience. The system has better quality and lower prices. A firm belief: time to ensure uniform supply of fresh, first-class quality awareness, build a good corporate reputation, relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction is our constant efforts. The company is equipped with sufficient to complete the tilapia production conditions: high quality three production lines, a disinfection tank, vacuum packaging, single refrigerator, cold storage, laboratory, Nissan 25 tons of non Luo fish. Factory design in accordance with international standards of food hygiene, various types of health facilities, equipment layout, process flow production line. All products are in accordance with China's "food safety law", the export of food hygiene requirements, the aquatic product HACCP123 regulations for processing and quality control, a high starting point, high standard, scale, in line with international standards of modern frozen food processing factory. From all walks of life have identity. Welcome the colleagues of inspection, guidance, negotiate.